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Cameras In The Sky Exhibition






Saturday 14 January 2017 to Sunday 26 March 2017

This collection of photographs shows Oxfordshire from above, featuring town and country, special events, industry and transport.

The development of Oxfordshire, chronicled from above by Aerofilms is history like no other!

Anglo-Saxons in Oxfordshire Gallery

From February 11th onwards.







See the Watlington Hoard – This significant archaeological find features rare coins, silver ingots, arm rings and other objects buried by Viking raiders around 870 as they fled the area.

With Pagan burials, Viking treasure and the craftsmanship of master sword makers this exhibition explores the stories, life and battles of Oxfordshire’s Anglo-Saxons.

From a revered elder buried with treasure to the food they ate and clothes they wore, Anglo-Saxons in Oxfordshire will tell the story of Oxfordshire’s role in the creation of England.


Children’s Activities at The Oxfordshire Museum

Crafts, family drop-ins, trails and holiday fun for children and families.

Family backpacks, trails and craft activities

For families to enjoy daily during museum opening hours:

  • Visit our new interactive dinosaur gallery – if you dare!
  • Have a go at dressing up or puppet theatre in The Countryside Galley
  • Be amazed when you put on the special glasses provided in our 3D archaeological display in The Introductory Galley
  • Pick up a backpack to explore the weird and wonderful world of materials and explore plant and animal adaptations. Cost £1 plus £1 refundable deposit.

Dinosaur garden and interactive dinosaur gallery

  • Meet our life-size Megalosaur – as big as a bus!
  • Explore our new garden with its Jurassic plants
    Feed the dinosaurs in the gallery
  • Dinosaur puppet theatre
  • Discover dinosaur bones, fossils and what they can tell us
  • Learn about the Shire of the Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur DVD

More information

For all enquiries about children’s activities:
Tel: 01993 811456

For information about school’s educational visits:
Tel: 01865 300639